About us

Since 2001, The Datacom Network is creating and managing a independant and dynamic network. Our Network is connected all over the world, and we have selected very closely the datacenters we want to join in a very strategical way. We are completely indepandant and our infrastructure has been designed to fit this.

Our vision !

Through its IP based network, Datacom Network is able to supply its customers with a wide range of services, from Narrowband and Broadband Internet access to more specific and technologically advanced products, in order to satisfy market needs. The offer includes also voice, portal and multimedia services, with also enclosed the recent, mobile offer.

Individual approach

Today's business applications require more bandwidth, but you need more than just a network. Datacom Network provides a comprehensive suite of telecommunications services. Our global voice, transport and IP networks are the foundation of an extensive portfolio of products and services for voice, data and video.